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Finca Naundrup
Calle Jose de Orbaneja 10, Sitio de Calahonda 29649 Mijas, Spain


Both my 2 boys starting training with Damien just under 6 months ago aged 4 and 6.

Since joining they have developed a strong passion for playing football and really enjoy coming to the training at finca naundrup with Damien and his team!

The training with Damien has hugely increased their confidence and most importantly they have so much fun and really enjoy going!

Damien is absolutely fantastic with all the kids and he creates a warm friendly and fun environment.

I would highly recommend the Atletico All Stars Academy! It is a great introduction to football and the kids can join in at their own pace with no pressures, what ever their ability! There is also lots of potential for them to progress and improve their play and skills with opportunity as well to play in regular local matches!

Definitely worth bringing your kids if they want to have fun and play football in a fun and safe family friendly environment!

Suzanne - January 2014


Having moved to Spain in August 2013 from Aberdeen in Scotland, we heard about Damien's football academy and decided to go along with our son Coby as we wanted to embrace the brilliant sporty lifestyle that is available living on the coast where the weather is so beautiful. In only 5 months he has developed a great passion for football and shown a huge improvement in his football. At only 5 years old and having never had proper training before he started just running around the pitch but now, with fun structured training sessions, he has developed skills in control, passing and thinking about the game. Coby has gained so much confidence from Damien's coaching and encouragement, he is so enthusiastic about his training sessions he would play all the time given the chance. Damien is great with all the kids of multi cultures and they all seem to adore him. Even our younger son who is only 3 always looks forward to seeing Damien, he doesn't play much as he's quite shy but whenever he wants to join in Damien encourages his participation too, however much or little he feels comfortable with. The academy for us is an all round highly enjoyable family social occasion 3 times a week.

Jenny - January 2014


My son Leo has been training with the Atletico All Stars for over a year now and he always looks forward to seeing his team mates, training with Damien and having fun. With their first official win under their belts, I am sure they are destined for greatness.

Eric - January 2014